EUR/PLN: 4.48 USD/PLN: 4.21 JPY/PLN: 3.7 (02-12-2016)

アパート - 借りる - ワルシャワ, Śródmieście, Poznańska通り

写真 #1, Poznańska通り, ワルシャワ, Śródmieście 写真 #2, Poznańska通り, ワルシャワ, Śródmieście 写真 #3, Poznańska通り, ワルシャワ, Śródmieście 写真 #4, Poznańska通り, ワルシャワ, Śródmieście
  • ID: MIF11346
  • 賃料: 12.500 PLN
  • 面積: 160 m² (平米)
  • 都会: ワルシャワ
  • 地方: Śródmieście
  • 通り: Poznańska
  • 年建設: 2014
  • 階: 4
  • 家具: なし
  • 部屋数: 5
  • バスルーム(トイレと)の数: 3

不動産業者: Małgorzata Radecka
Tel: +48 22 331 07 86

Description (英語):

For Rent 2 unfinished apartments in the center of Warsaw (in development), for office or residential, commercial property to finish the preferences Tenant.
• Apartment 1st floor IV - 68,75m2 (terrace 9,81m2)
• Apartment 2nd Floor IV - 99,76m2 (terrace 22,29 m2)
You can connect the apartments.
Location Description:
Street Poznań very center of the capital, the building during the renovation and improvement combined with its expansion - putting into service 2014/15
• All installations in building new, new utility connections.
• Facades made ??in modern technology.
• New roof and roof covering.
• The historic entrance gate and gate clearance Recommendations restored by restoration of restoring historic architectural detail.
• Stairways retrofitted with high-class passenger lifts.
• The entrance and the door to the building made of maintaining proper style building.
Detailed information about the scope of renovation of the building's apartments Plans tab, to send further correspondence.
• Height premises about 3.0 m.
• The entrance door to the premises, fireproof, burglary.
• Single-wood windows. From the front balcony.
• Gypsum.
• The walls of dwellings made ??of traditional materials.
• Flooring prepared for any kind of finish.
• For units supplied three-phase electrical system to power the microwave.
• Premises equipped with cable television outlet, telephone, intercom.
• Heating and hot water from a central gas furnace building distributor.
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