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アパート - 借りる - ワルシャワ, Mokotów, Ludwika Narbutta通り

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写真 #1, Ludwika Narbutta通り, ワルシャワ, Mokotów 写真 #2, Ludwika Narbutta通り, ワルシャワ, Mokotów 写真 #3, Ludwika Narbutta通り, ワルシャワ, Mokotów 写真 #4, Ludwika Narbutta通り, ワルシャワ, Mokotów 写真 #5, Ludwika Narbutta通り, ワルシャワ, Mokotów
  • ID: MIF10057
  • 賃料: 5.500 PLN
  • 面積: 92 m² (平米)
  • 都会: ワルシャワ
  • 地方: Mokotów
  • 通り: Ludwika Narbutta
  • 年建設: 2007
  • 階: 3
  • 家具: あります
  • 部屋数: 3
  • バスルーム(トイレと)の数: 2

不動産業者: Małgorzata Radecka
Tel: +48 22 331 07 86

Description (英語):

Narbutta Residence is a luxurious intimate and exclusive investment, referring to the elegant old building inter Mokotów.
Narbutta is by far the apartment building of a high standard. The elegant entrance hall with reception, a beautiful patio, modern staircases are unquestionable advantages of investment. The elegant building has been fully integrated into the unique buildings of the Old Mokotów villa!
The proximity of the town center and green areas - fields Mokotowskie, Arcadia Park, excellent transport infrastructure, numerous nursery / school pools Warszawianka. The building, swimming pool, gym, spa, grocery store, dentist.
Perfect place for people seeking peace and privacy in the center of the city, but close to the airport and socializing. Extremely prestigious neighborhood representative building with an elegant reception desk and respected address.
Functional and elegant apartment consist of : living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, hall.
A great place to live.

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